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"She's amazing she's friendly very attentive and gives very good pointers. She always has a smile on her face and she definitely was born to help others. I would definitely recommend her as your trainer."     

Kristian L.

"Amy showed me that anyone can fit working out into their schedule. She motivated me both in working out and in realizing all moms need positive time for themselves. She pushed me to work my hardest and my body has totally changed since working with her. She showed me that exercise helps both physically and mentally. She truly changed my life!"             

Danielle T.

"I met Amy when she was about 15 weeks pregnant with her daughter. We worked out about 3/4 days a week at La fitness. Amy and I became close right away especially because the love and passion for fitness that we shared. She showed me the proper way to train my body on my weight loss journey. When I first met her I was 211lbs. After several months of working out hard and dedication (along with eating healthy) I lose 70 lbs. I truly thank Amy for guiding me when at times I wanted to give up. She is a true blessing that came in my life right when I needed her. I was 9 month postpartum with my son and I desperately needed to find myself again."

Jackie H.

"Amy is phenomenal! She is so warm and welcoming that I was not uncomfortable getting started. I am a bit older than most of the regulars but this group is as supportive as Amy. Because the classes are done in a format that makes all fitness levels doable, I had no problem sticking with it. I cannot believe how far I have been able to progress in 6 months!! I feel so much better about myself. Amy is the whole package. She motivates and nourishes body, mind, and spirit."

Cat M.

"I highly recommend Amy to anyone looking to get a personalized experience because everyone is different, every body is different, and everyone’s journey to this point is different! You don’t feel as if you’ve been mashed into a one size fits all approach to working out!"

Rachel B.

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